Starting in September 2021

An Elite High School Baseball Academy will welcome student athletes from provinces across the country to beautiful Muskoka. The newly formed Muskoka Outlaws will operate out of Bracebridge, providing opportunity to both local, as well as out of province student athletes to participate in Elite High School Baseball.

The goal of the program is to provide these student athletes a diverse experience both on and off the field,
while also providing a challenging academic environment.

Giving Back to the Communities

An essential focus of the Muskoka Outlaws will be giving back to the communities that are providing this experience for out student athletes. Our student athletes will give back to the area through volunteer work throughout Bracebridge and surrounding areas.

An elite environment for dedicated student athletes

The Muskoka Outlaws will provide an elite environment for dedicated student athletes that are striving to compete at the next level. The Muskoka Outlaws will practice and train five days a week, travel throughout the USA for showcase tournaments, all the while being held to high academic standards.

With your support we can provide these Student Athletes an experience they will never forget in one of the most beautiful places in our country.

It is time to get excited about baseball in Muskoka!

Go Outlaws!

Any questions? Or are you an interested player?